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About Sierrah

Sierrah is a Photographer and Creative Director based in Missouri and traveling abroad. She captures images that evoke authenticity, storytelling, and nostalgia. Her images are sweet like Sunday mornings. She captures photos on both film and digital cameras. 


Sierrah gravitates towards simple, raw forms of art and she weaves those same elements into her work. For fashion work, she loves keeping models with natural hair and skin textures, and minimal embellishments. 

Back home, Sierrah spends time photographing weddings at a family-owned venue, captures joy at hometown events, takes really cool portraits, and loves on couples who want their stories told visually.


Sierrah and her husband enjoy traveling and hanging out with their dogs. They married in Ireland and built their first home in the countryside in 2018. They are very close to their families and love immersing themselves in the outdoors in various ways. She's down to play cards or board games pretty much anytime, anywhere. 

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